With a click on the thumbnails you reach the overview-page of the different categories. From there it is only one click to the last subpage, where can be downloaded the dimension suitable for you of the desired picture (check your screen size), and you can of course also further leaf through the subpages. A short idea of the offer is farther below.






Warm welcome

Here you may freely download nature themed background desktop wallpapers in several different resolutions. The photos used here are made by ourselves, so this is a private and unique collection.
We are endeavoured, with our photos the sunny, bright side of the nature to present so that they transmit the same cheerfulness to their viewers. Of course, there are exceptions, and the varied nature can wake all sorts of impressions in the person.


Every picture can be downloaded at the moment in ten different resolutions, also in sizes for widescreens and notebooks.


Most pictures here come initially from Central and Eastern Europe, particularly from the Carpathian Basin, from countries like Slovakia, Romania, Croatia and Hungary. For the most, however, are still from Hungary, because we live here. However, this choice expands in the course of time. The available categories are refilled constantly, and also the categories themselves can increase.


Nowadays if one takes photos with a digital camera, then is also given the possibility of the film creating. Also we use this, and film primarily the animal world of our surroundings. A more searching insight into the life, e.g., of our garden birds otherwise always being around us can be also interesting and excitingly, often entertainingly witty. On our video-pages you can see our best successful short films which are also increased constantly.


Although nature can vary at the different points of our planet, yet in one thing it is identical: that for the most part it is fascinatingly beautiful and splendid. To a photographer, who is looking for motifs and shapes of beauty in it, it offers an inexhaustable variety of choices. Even the more, since every place in itself, is in subject to constant seasonal changes.


Pictures of the nature provide inspiration and alternation on small like big screens. Enjoy these exposures and background images!


László J. Rózsás



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